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iOS app


Lead Designer

Project Description

Our most profitable product is reverse phone lookup. Therefore, there was a strong push to make an app that took advantage of this product on Android and iOS. I worked closely with the android team to ensure our app experiences were cohesive for both user's. The purpose of our app is to help identify unknown callers while also enhancing your address book by providing updates for your contacts. Similar to our website, the profile is the main focus and what we are ultimately providing to the user, so I was in charge of creating both the Android and iOS versions.

Project Goals

  1. Enhance the user's contact list
  2. Alert the user of possible scams
  3. Clearly show a combination of user's information and our information
  4. Increase our brand awareness


One major obstacle we faced was trying to clearly combine the user's information from their address book with the information from our database into one profile. After exploring multiple layouts and interactions to try and accomplish this, we began to see what we believed to be the best option. We wanted it to be intuitive but also still carry our brand’s look and feel.

High Fidelity Designs

We landed on a “contact card” inspired top section for the profile, which had the contact information from the address book and ways to initiate a message, call or email. This was done to be able to support free users (only the top section) and premium users (full profile) without changing the layout too much.

Full Profile
Splash Screen

Locked Profile
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With over 65,000 downloads on our app and a user rating of 4.2 we are very happy with the overall success within the first year of launching the app.